There are various reasons we have been successful in partnering with our 400+ clients across time and economic cycles. Some of the key differentiators are:

  • A professional, intelligent, well-trained, customer-centric team of Engineers & MBA’s: We consciously strive to hire talent that are relationship-driven. We then put them through rigorous training. This helps them handle clients or candidates with a human quotient.
  • Creative Sourcing techniques: This genuinely helps us in targeting the performers.
  • A vast, validated database of candidates across various domains that has deep reaches into A-Pac, Middle East & India – we have grown with our candidates in these 21+ years.
  • A robust, internally built Search engine that reduces our TAT significantly.
  • A Strong research DNA built cumulatively
  • Well defined practices with domain specific verticals and domain agnostics horizontals – we offer subject-matter insights and Market Intelligence based on actual market experience.
  • Managing the candidate experience – this is an often overlooked part of the recruitment process. We believe that this is important and strive to work with client TA teams to ensure this.
  • A leadership team that has stayed with us ensure ownership and greater accountability.